Chill Spot Radio

A podcast focusing on mental health for people of color.

Hosted ByJared Morgan & Dr. Allen Lipscomb

Chill Spot Radio is a safe spot for people of color to discuss topics that affect our mental health and identity. Our episodes will explore strategies to support mental wellness, examine the ways in which various things impact our mental health, and process how to manage it all. Mental health, especially among people of color, has long been stigmatized, inadvertently keeping our people from accessing and reaching mental well being. This podcast aims to transform stigma into strength. Your hosts, Jared Morgan and Dr. Allen Lispcomb, work in the mental health field, varying in their experience within the mental health profession. We thank you for your time and this brave space.

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1: What the F*ck is Mental Health?

Today’s topic is intended to explore the meaning of mental health. First, through exploring the difference between mental health and mental illness. Then looking at how mental health/wellness has affected communities of color.