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A podcast focusing on mental health for people of color.


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17: Making Mistakes to Innovate

The Chillspot Radio warmly welcomes CSUN MSW Alumni, Michael Curry.  Being among the first graduating class in the pandemic, Michael reflects on how he navigated that time period.  He shares the real ways he accesses self-care including painting, fitness...

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16: The Road Worth Traveling

Terrance Stewart, ASW joins us for the podcast today and reflets on his educational journey as one of the few Black men in the CSUN Master's of Social Work Program during his time in the program. He shares how he found wellness through balance...

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15: Not Goin’ with the Flow

Dr. Daniel Lee, Mayor and first Black elected Council Member of Culver City, CA joins the Chill Spot Radio. We look at black male identity and how it intersects with social work values, the systematic racism and urban education. We learn how, "not going...

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14: There are so many conversations to be had

It's been quite a year... and we're back! Glad to have you all listen in on today's podcast where we take a look back on the year and examine where we are in terms of healing.  We've been subjected to a lot as black people,...

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13: Healing for the Healer

Sarah, LCSW, joins the podcast for an introspective conversation on racial identity, self care, and radical healing. We look at the parallel process of being a mental health provider who engages in mental health services. Sarah also shares how she mainta...

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12: The Trailblazer

In this episode of the Chill Spot Radio, three generations of Black male therapists converge on issues of identity, culture, and experience. Reflecting on his 42 years of therapeutic work, Michael Hughes, LMFT, shares his story. With a unique view of wor...

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Show Hosts

Your hosts, Jared Morgan and Dr. Allen Lispcomb, work in the mental health field, varying in their experience within the mental health profession.

Jared Morgan, LCSW

Dr. Allen Lipscomb, PsyD, LCSW

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