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A podcast focusing on mental health for people of color.


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9: Feel Free to Feel Free

James "Dat Yoga Dude" Woods (trained MFT children's book authoer, and certified yoga instructor) shares his story of integrating mental health, yoga, and creating a community for black people, particularly men, to embrace these two disciplines. James sha...

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8: Black Girl Magic

In today's podcast we explore the importance of being seen.  Dr. Wendy Ashley and Professor Jolene Swain, co-creators of Black Girl Magic share the work they're doing in connecting with and providing spaces of belonging to black women enrolled in the Mas...

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7: The Process

Today we're holding space and providing opportunity to traverse the experience of being black. We begin to see what "healing enough" looks like.

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6: A Space for Blackness

Leroy, from BEAM, Black Emotional and Mental-Health shares his wisdom, insight and magnetic energy as we discuss black wellness, wholeness and healing. We learn about ways to create healing organizations and culturally responsive mental health practices ...

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5: Decolonizing the Mind

Jose Paez joins the Chill Spot to discuss how colonialism impacts the mental health of people of color. We also explore decolonization of American social constructs and review liberation practices.  References from Decolonizing the Mind

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4: The Ballot or the Bullet

Dr. Boris Ricks, whose expertise is in urban politics, joins the Chill Spot today. We examine the psychological burden of being black, marginalized and undermined in America. We also explore the physiological and psychological impact of police brutality ...

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Show Hosts

Your hosts, Jared Morgan and Dr. Allen Lispcomb, work in the mental health field, varying in their experience within the mental health profession.

Jared Morgan, LCSW

Dr. Allen Lipscomb, PsyD, LCSW

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